Glastonbury Countdown

It’s official, Glastonbury is less then a week away! The world’s most famous music and arts festival is being held from the 21st-24th of June. And so ensues the inevitable annual wardrobe dilemmas. Prepare for a mud bath or 30 degree heat? Your guess is as good as ours!

In our quest for answers here’s a look back at the festivals history and some of the best festival looks of yesteryear.

Glastonbury begun in 1970 and was originally called the “Pilton Pop, Blues and Folk Festival” attended by only 1500 people acts included Marc Bolan, The Kooks and Al Stewart.

But it was in 1971 that the true Glastonbury was born. Moved to the Summer Solstice, a time when energies from the planets, the sun and the constellations are at their height. It was a marriage of creative expression and musical freedom immersed in a cloak of mysticism that was bound by Creator Andrew Kerrs deep spiritual intensity. Focussing on music, dance, poetry, theatre and lights entertainment, it was mostly free and an “up yours” to all the overly commercialised festivals being put on at the time by money hungry promoters.

Acts that year included Joan Baez, David Bowie, Hawkwind, Fairport Convention & Traffic. We found this rare footage of those dreamy days by Nick Roeg & David Puttnam. ENJOY!

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